Axial AX30092 - Axial 72-103mm Shock Set - 10mm Piston 2pcs for Yeti/Wraith/AX10/EXO/XR10  [AX30092]

Axial AX30092 - Axial 72-103mm Shock Set - 10mm Piston (2pcs) for Yeti/Wraith/AX10/EXO/XR10



Axial Racing
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Axial Racing item AX30092 - 72-103mm Shock Set 10mm Piston 2pcs for Yeti/Wraith/AX10/EXO/XR10

Aluminum 72-103mm shock Set (needs construction)

  • Threaded surprise body for effortless pre-load modification
  • Aluminum surprise human body at a substandard price shock human anatomy flex
  • Aluminum limitation and adjustable preload spacer
  • Machined Poly Glycol CH2O piston for silky smooth performance even less lateral motion
  • 3.5mm titanium nitride coated (TiNi) shock shaft that decreases lateral motion.
  • Cartridge design base assists in easing lateral motion while providing a greater seal on cheap leakage.
  • Silicone diaphragm giving you a far more constant feel and a much better seal to avoid leakage.
  • Silicone bushing within the limitation holds surprise in place while allowing freedom of motion to stop binding and stops the shock limit from popping down.
  • Full variety of shocks springs offered to fine tune the journey (AX30218 springtime 14x70mm 2.07 lbs/in - Super smooth (red) included as standard).
  • Machined flats on shock shafts allow you to hold on tight tight toward shaft with pliers for maintenance without scarring the TiNi finish.
  • Dual duration shock pistons included.
  • Three different size pole wraps up included for adjustable journey height.
  • Rubber bump stops for higher rate applications, soften landings from those harsh jump
  • Can be utilized as straight back shocks for EXO.

EXO front side aluminum shocks: AX30091 67-90mm Shock Set

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