2695 Mirage F 1C - Italeri 1/48  [IT-2695S]

Italeri 2695 - 1/48 Mirage F 1C
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alt="Italeri 2695 - 1/48 Mirage F 1C" title="Italeri 2695 - 1/48 Mirage F 1C"

Period: from '90

Country: France

Model Dim.: 31,9 cm


The Mirage F1 finished up being developed to enhance the preceding and notorious supersonic delta-wing Mirage III, which, following its characteristics, allowed the French aircraft industry to quickly achieve great technical superiority in 1960s and 70s. The fighter type of the F1 Mirage joined up with up with up with solution due to the French Air Force in belated 1973, and, within a number of years, replaced the preceding Mirage III aircraft. Recently the F1 is promoting because of choice of amazing tools and electronic gear, which allowed it in which to stay service until merely a several years right back whenever, about in France, it was changed by the Mirage 2000 series. This elegant aircraft noticed major commercial success with regards to was certainly exported to equip the atmosphere forces of some countries including Spain, Greece, Southern Africa and ten other nations in the centre East and Africa.

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