6505 15 Cwt Truck With Breda - Italeri 1/35  [IT-6505S]

Italeri 6505 - 1/35 15 Cwt Truck With Breda 20/65
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During WW II Canada produced above 850.000 military cars like the hottest types: the 4 x 2 type Chevrolet 15 CWT. This vehicule finished up being the backbone associated with Australian, Uk and Canadian Forces but will be in addition provided to a lot of regarding the other Allies such as the Sovjet Union, Asia and Asia. The car had been certainly utilized or transporting troops, ammo alongside war product. The design finished up being according to a British Army design and car completed up being built by General Motors of Canada along side in Australia. The machines was in reality in addition provided through United States manufacturers.

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