SER401747 RRS Links Short 2 4X - Serpent  [SER401747]

Serpent SER401747 RRS Links Short (2) 4X
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Toward back with this automobile the 4X offers the RRS system is standard.

We have been testing utilizing the size and put with this url and found that a quicker link creates more back hold. Their is a superb improvement for racers in modified class and all sorts of types of sorts of forms of motorists inside stock program.

Set contains

  • 2x balljoint-4-5-short
  • 2x ball joint-4-5
  • 2x camberlink-rod-aluminium
  • 2x screw roundhead-allen-m3x6
  • 2x rear-tie rod-holder

Standard dimensions are 37,5mm with all the current inside opening and 42mm with the outside opening from center to center. This means determined 8,5mm / 13mm determined at in balljoints whenever we expose it within the manual.

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