32546 Crusader III AA Tank - Tamiya 1/48  [32546]

Tamiya 32546 - 1/48 Crusader III AA Tank
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Tamiya item 32546 - Crusader III AA Tank - 1/48 scale Tanks Military Series assembly kit

Within the part of just a couple of years, Tamiya has created the 1/48MM Series and so the has followed our lead as acceptance with this specific scale is growing. Even as we go better towards the milestone of our 50th 1/48 MM model kit, Tamiya is proud to announce the manufacturing of unique British Crusader Mk.IIwe anti-aircraft tank.

With regards to the Crusader Mk.IIWe Anti-Aircraft Tank Mk.IIWe Although changed into leading side lines by more capable tanks, the united kingdom Crusader cruiser tank finished up being still useful in other functions. The Crusader Mk.III had been utilized as a base to meet up with a dependence on a mobile anti-aircraft gun, resulting in the Crusader AA Mk.I, which showcased a Bofors 40mm cannon mounted in an available topped turret. To raised countertop low-flying aircraft, the Crusader AA Mk.II armed with two 20mm Oerlikon cannons was created, which has been slightly modified to result within the Mk.III, which moved radio stations to your hull to produce room in weapon turret. An overall of around 600 AA Mk.II/Mk.III'd been produced and so they served in European countries from Normandy onwards.

Concerning the Model

  • 1/48 scale construction kit linked to the British Crusader Anti-Aircraft Tank Mk.III.
  • An extensive research the real tank has triggered accurately reproduced features particularly completely new molded components for additional armor and part skirts.
  • Original available turret features 20mm cannons, ammo drums, alongside interior details.
  • Die-cast framework provides another sense of amount for enhanced realism.
  • An easy task to assemble songs function one-piece straight parts with practical sag effect.
  • 2 kinds of markings included.

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