41079 Handy Starter Starter Only - Tamiya  [41079]

Tamiya 41079 - Handy Starter (Starter Only)
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Tamiya item 41079 - Handy Starter Starter Only Start Box Engine Accessories

The Handy Starter makes starting your radiance engine R/C automobile quite simple. Designed to be utilized with a number of driven gear devices (ITEM# 41076 Driven Gear device the, ITEM# 41077 Driven Gear product B, and ITEM# 41080 Driven Gear device C, all available independently) for different radiance motor sizes. Motor may be merely started by putting drive shaft towards the driven gear product and pressing beginner key. FET switch and protection circuit protects unit from overload while offering dependable procedure. Verify holes are developed within the body shell for glow plug heater and beginner allow beginning the engine without detaching our body. Requirements 7.2V battery power and Glow Plug Heater (both available independently) for procedure.

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