43532 RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy - Tamiya  [43532]

Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy
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alt="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy" title="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy"
alt="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy" title="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy"
alt="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy" title="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy"
alt="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy" title="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy"
alt="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy" title="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy"
alt="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy" title="Tamiya 43532 - RC GP RTR Nitrage 5.2 - 4x4 Racing Truggy"
Tamiya item 43532 - Nitrage 5.2 4x4 Racing Truggy - 1/8 scale AWD Nitro Powered Off-Road RTR (Ready-to-Run)

Presenting Tamiya's completely new 1/8 R/C Truggy, the Nitrage. This superior Ready-To-Run model is filled up with revolutionary features that no other unit in its course has. Modular construction means effortless construction and convenient maintenance, with all the current interior elements set up on a high-strength, press-molded aluminum deck. Servos are directly linked towards fully-enclosed gearboxes to make sure consistently smooth procedure and minimal disruption. 4-wheel separate suspension system with big oil dampers, aluminum slipper clutch, and high-density surge tires attached with big dish wheels allows it tackle any area effectively. The aggressive human body and distinctive straight back wing fits the "Nitro Rage" image entirely and can make sure it is whenever focus anywhere it goes.


The Nitrage comes with the solid FR-32FX 5.2cc (.32 cubic ins) motor which includes a big diameter fall carburetor, 14mm diameter crank shaft, lightweight piston, and big temperature sink mind. The FR-32FX is matched with a 150cc big capability car's vehicle's gas tank to produce ample driving stamina. Operating on our monster motor, the Nitrage with standard 1-speed transmission works well at costs completely to 60km/hr (approx. 37mph)!
Motor Specs: 5.24cc displacement(.32 cubic inches), 20.1mm bore, 16.5mm swing, 5000-33000rpm range, rear exhaust

Off road competition can indicate dirt and grime acquiring concerning the car and interfering with upkeep, to convey absolutely nothing of all the work you need to do to scrub up afterwards. Our developers took this in your mind when creating the Nitrage and separated the vehicle into 5 major elements: front side part Gearbox (with steering servo and front suspension system system), Center Gearbox (with throttle servo and disc braking system), Mechanics Box (with fail safe equipped receiver), Engine with Fuel Tank, and back Gearbox (with straight back suspension system system and wing). These are individually obtained from the framework for easy maintenance and cleansing. All 5 components rest on a unique high-strength aluminum deck, a pioneering feature for this reason program, that was press-molded to make sure structural rigidity.

Tamiya will be the very first to generate this phenomenal feature toward R/C globe. Perhaps the connection concerning the engine clutch bell as well as spur gear are completely enclosed and protected from outside disturbance. Consequently, all gears have actually in fact really constant stable lubrication and gear backlash is roofed by the gearcase. What this means is the Nitrage doesn't need certainly to show to making use of any hefty and high priced metal gear components, providing fans more modification freedom.

In addition, the differential gear about the Nitrage is doubly protected, 1st by its durable example thereafter by an additional enclosure created around it by leading and back gearboxes. This setup insulates the differential gear in order to avoid the suspension system system system arms and surprise towers from imparting anxiety onto it (here is the issue with most manufacturers' truggy differential gears).

The Nitrage gets the R/C globe's first versatile joint drive system, because of the spur gear having a fast dog bone muscle linkage towards the clutch bell, which helps reduce strain on the engine. A durable lightweight aluminum slipper clutch to improve transmission effectiveness can also be included, that is another 1st inside program.

Truggies down their manufacturers usually function top I arms leading suspension system system system, providing freedom but neglect in structural energy. The Nitrage has especially created upper the arms leading suspension system system that permit versatile suspension system travel without the necessity to get rid of energy.

Colossal off road tires with internal sponge function an oval spike tread pattern which perfect for driving on rough areas. Tires are attached with big diameter supper tires.

The big back wing on Nitrage is a double-split design inspired by those prepared on real WRC cars. Catch pin accessory means the top of element of wing remains flat, increasing its trendy appearance. Since the wing is related to your framework and never your body shell, it demonstrably distinguishes the Nitrage as a Tamiya item even though body is eliminated.

The Nitrage features universal screw minds for a number of of its screws, this implies all you need could be the 2.5mm Hex Wrench to put in and take them of, making upkeep more fast (keep in mind that there may be several screws that require a 1.5mm or 2mm Hex Wrench). Tamiya Handy Starter and Glow Plug Heater are included for effortless motor starts also for newbies (Handy Starter calls for 7.2V battery power, supplied individually). ADSPEC GP 2-channel transmitter and TRU-03 receiver with fail safe device are included.

Both performance-enhancing and cosmetic choice components have been in the pipeline for launch into the close future. Look particularly for announcements about the 2-speed transmission that will increase top rate to 80km/hr (approx. 50mph) and effective twin disk braking system system.

while the Nitrage shares comparable 5.2cc engine and wheels/tires utilizing the TNX 5.2R, they're simply artistic similarities. This will be a whole new chassis with a unique design that's been created especially for off road competition. Its reduced ride-height means less center-of-gravity, offering the Nitrage superb cornering performance. Take a look at the image above to comprehend big difference your self (TNX 5.2R in to the left, Nitrage 5.2 regarding right).

based on the Model

  • 1/8 Ready-To-Run R/C Glow engine Truggy
  • Lightweight and compact TRU-03 Receiver features failsafe function to eliminate runaway driving due to radio disruption or low battery power.
  • Contains outside electric Tamiya Handy Starter with drive gear product and plug heater.
  • Wheel/trigger type transmitter included.
  • Features newly developed high-density, oval increase tires and dish tires.
  • Ball pivot kind 4 wheel double wishbone suspension system system features 4 big capability oil dampers.
  • Effective 5.2cc (.32 cubic inches) FR-32FX engine with slide valve carburetor.
  • bearings frequently guarantee smooth and efficient movement.
  • Strengthened steel drive shafts.
  • AA & C Batteries, motor gas are separately essential to run vehicle.
  • Tune-up car with Tamiya Option Parts.


  • 7.2V Ni-Cd battery power and battery power charger for Handy Starter.
  • 12 LR6/AA/UM3 alkaline batteries for transmitter and receiver
  • 1 LR14/C/UM2 alkaline battery power for radiance plug heater
  • Glow Engine Fuel and Fuel Filler

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