49103 RC Aramid Fiber Drive Belt TA03RS Red Limited - Tamiya  [49103]

Tamiya 49103 - RC Aramid Fiber Drive Belt (TA03RS Red) Limited
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Tamiya item 49103 - Aramid Fiber Drive Belt TA03Red Limited TA-03

TA03FS & RS Reinforced Drive Belt (Red) Limited

  • 2mm top and 2.5mm paid down double-deck framework crafted from tough, lightweight carbon fibre.
  • Chassis design views engine, battery, and other hefty components mounted low and near the center for optimum fat circulation.
  • Two belt-driven 4WD system features front/rear wide pitch pulleys, and front one-way to optimize energy transmission effectiveness.
  • Top-notch front component and straight back aluminum bulkheads offer added energy while saving weight.
  • Aluminum steering supply guarantees constant and exact steering operation.
  • Front and back damper remains are made of 3mm dense carbon fiber as well as enable greater customization of suspension system settings considering more accessory roles.
  • Aluminum motor mount provides fat cost savings and enhanced heat dissipation.

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