49259 Tire Warmer - Tamiya  [49259]

Tamiya 49259 - Tire Warmer
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Tamiya item 49259 - Tire Warmer Tire Accessories

Tamiya 49259 - Tamiya Tire Warmer

here is the Tamiya Tire Warmer

Now your tires are hot...before the battle!


  • Velcro tape permits modification of tire warmer size for almost all 1/8th and 1/10th scale automobile tires.
  • Kyosho style connector plugs into 6 mobile 7.2V flat battery power
  • Ribbons are manufactured far from durable product.
  • Ribbons are fast circuit evidence.
  • Even temperature distribution.

INCLUDES: Four tire warmers with 21" (533mm) cable leads and Kyosho style connectors

REQUIRES: 6 mobile 7.2V battery with Tamiya connector,

FEEDBACK: Ribbon heater shortens enough time had a need to reach optimum temperature when compared with Nichrome cable heaters.

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